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Thomas Train MBL – Plush Rocking Toys v.04

Rp 850,000

A famous kid train Rocking Toys for kid under 5 years age

Product Description

“si Kambi” is a kid Rocking Toys kid toys which the body inner body made by cardboard paper, plush with best sponge material and cover with fine fabric.
Even the toys made from cardboard it was Safe, Light, Tought and Environment friendly kid toys. Comfortable toys for your family because both parent can play and riding with your kid.

Dimension :
Length : 84 cm
Width  : 44 cm
Hight : 78 cm        Seat Hight : 38 cm
Weight : 7 kg

Capacity : 200 kg or 2 (two) persons
Package dimension : 90x80x40 cm
Volumetric Weight : 72 kg when packaged

Boneka Thomas Train MBL 017
thomas train toys when packaged


thomas train plush toys packaging

Additional Information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 90 x 40 x 70 cm
Red & Black

“add Rp.50.000″